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A fair chance

An Australian study that tracked 167 people born in 1990 over 34 years, categorised into low, middle or high-income families. The findings were as you would expect, you can read about them elsewhere (via Life Chances): higher education and employment in middle and higher income families. At 15 the participants were asked what was most important in their lives. A common trend among lower-income children was education, yet 1 in 4 left school early, while 98% of those from higher-income families finished highschool. Tuition fees and other costs, like textbooks, were identified as a key barrier to education to those from lower income families. The report made proposals to reduce these inequalities, including: - Affordable early childhood education - Services and career guidance for youth - Investment in public housing - Better access to community support services for non-English speakers As one participant said, no one starts off at the same place, but they're still forced to do the same race. These recommendations should be taken seriously and should guide our politicians. Everyone deserves a fair chance.
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