Global Democracy provides all people with a voice and a vote on global issues affecting the world.

Part 1 - What is

Part 2 - How it works

Part 3 - Code of Conduct

Part 4 - Other stuff


What is is a website and app platform for people around the globe to submit and vote on each other's ideas for improving the world.

We may live in different countries and have different cultures, but our challenges are often the same. is a social enterprise established to provide safe place for people to communicate away from filter bubbles and independently of commercial or political influences.

Use of the site and app is free of charge.

It works by allowing people submit ideas of their own and/or to vote on other's ideas. Those ideas that are preferred by more people float to higher prominence, but all ideas remain on the site and app for other people to see. If you submit an idea, it will remain in the site and app for other people to vote upon, and to use for their own research, learning or browsing for intellectual entertainment. is about enabling people across the globe to communicate with each other. It is a generic platform for people to share ideas and to find positive solutions on all things - including to global problems.

You will see that the platform is divided up into two parts:

This Week's ideas, where you can vote on ideas that were submitted to over the past week. The five that are listed for voting each week are those that were lifted there by 'sifters'. 'Sifters' are any registered users who choose to lift and sift new ideas- their primary job being to weed out spam, advertising and offensive material. If you would like to help 'lift and sift', simply register to the platform and go to the Lift and Sift page. This is how the platform eliminates spam ideas before they reach the main part of the platform.

By voting in the 'This Week' section, registered users choose the idea that becomes recognized as 'Last Week's Top Idea', which is posted on the home page.

The other main part of the platform is the All Ideas section. This is a place where registered users can vote and comment on all ideas submitted to The more favoured ideas in 'All Ideas' will float to prominence over time. The 'All Ideas' page is intended as a research tool for casual browsers, teachers, academics, journalists and/or decision makers, so, take care with your posts and your votes - you really could be influencing the world.

The idea that receives the most votes each week becomes recognized for the next week as 'Last Week's Top Idea' posted on the home page.

The All Ideas section contains all valid ideas ever posted to the platform. It is intended as a research tool for decision makers, teachers, academics, journalists and casual browsers. Only registered users can vote and comment on ideas submitted to This is to reduce invalid and double voting. The idea is that the more favoured ideas in 'All Ideas' will float to prominence over time. They can be located by clicking the 'most popular' option in 'All Ideas, either for a particular category, or for a particular issue/search word.

There are some rules: Contributions that are abusive, spam or advertising are not permitted. Users who contribute such material will be deregistered.

So, enjoy! Don't forget to use the 'Search My Issue' function to find topics that interest you.


How it works

  • In order to vote or to submit ideas, simply click 'log in/join' and follow the prompts.
  • You can only vote on an idea once. A second vote from the same person does not register.
  • You can only register to the site once. Additional registrations that are identified will be cancelled, and you may be deregistered.
  • When you post an idea or comment, you may do so using your name, or by using a pseudonym or your unique GD number.
  • When you submit an idea, it will appear immediately on the Lift and Sift page. It will remain there until midnight UTC the coming Sunday -unless posted on a Sunday in which case stays in sifting until the following Sunday.
  • The sifting page is administered by any registered site users who choose to go to the 'Lift and Sift' page to engage in sifting by eradicating spam, advertising and other offensive material from freshly submitted ideas.
  • Sifters who do this are given a second job, being to lift those newly submitted ideas that they think are good. It is their five most lifted ideas that will appear, without ranking, in the following week's 'This Week' voting page, for voting by all site and app registered users. And it is from the 'This Week' ideas that the platform's 'Last Week's Top Idea' will come and be announced each week.
  • After one week, the ideas on the 'This Week' page fall to the 'All Ideas' page, where they can continue to be viewed and voted on and, from this point, they can also be commented upon.
  • All Ideas - Every valid idea submitted to the platform will appear on the 'All Ideas' page, and remain there.
  • If it does not make the 'This Week Top 5' ideas page, it will appear in the All Ideas section the Sunday after it is submitted. Most popular ideas in their category and overall, will be determined by most votes per views of registered users, and over time may be recognized on other social media associated with
  • Actions taken as a consequence of the posting of any ideas on may be reported back to users through the homepage of or on associated social media or other platforms.
  • For the purpose of determining votes compared to views, and therefore its popularity ranking, an idea will be considered viewed if it is opened.


Code of Conduct

  1. The posting of advertising or spam, or of malicious, offensive or defamatory ideas or comments will not be tolerated. Users who do so may be deregistered.
  2. 'Offensive' for the purposes of this Code of Conduct means ideas or comments that are particularly offensive to the ideal of civil discourse.



Ownership was developed by private citizens from USA and Australia. It is intended to be owned by and for the benefit of all people and is designed to be administered as far as possible by people from around the world who chose to use the platform as registered users. is a social enterprise and not associated with any political organization or movement and is not a commercial platform.

History was first launched in the United States in 2011. Several thousand people from around the world registered and posted ideas to the site, and voted on each other’s ideas. You will see some posts from back then, in the ‘All Ideas’ list. That website only platform was replaced with an upgraded and moderated site and app in August 2021. So, this is the re-emergence of a platform previously tried and tested, but now with additional features: the app, the concept of a weekly top idea, the use of sifters to weed out spam and offensive material from freshly posted ideas, and regular moderation.

Note: ideas posted prior to August 2021 show GD views (views of persons registered to GD) and votes only since August 2021. They show all-time views.


Media or other general inquires should be directed to


If you have any suggestions as to how the site can be improved, please submit your idea under the GLOBALDEMOCRACY.COM idea category, for administrators and all registered users and visitors to see, and for voting and commenting upon by other users.

Contact and help

If you are having trouble joining or using this site or app, please email us at

Using this site

This site is your global democracy. Please use it for its stated purpose - to express your voice and vote on how to deal with common challenges and solutions to the world's problems. Start now by signing up and contributing your voice and vote.