Global Democracy provides all people with a voice and a vote on global issues affecting the world.

Site launch 1 October 2017! Submit your idea during September for first voting cycle!

As Global Democracy grows, popular ideas will become known, not just to users of the site, but to decision makers. Over time, the site will be a resource for researchers, academics and journalists – as well as those vested with power. Research shows that with an appropriate platform, and regular feedback, people will continue to return to a site to select topics of their interest or expertise, and engage in finding solutions. The mission of this site is to enable people to do just that, and to make those solutions visible. We will use our Facebook page to keep people up-to-date with actions that result from Global Democracy. Stay in touch.

The need

There is a need for the People of the World to have a greater say and influence in managing and resolving the world's problems. The present system of national governments and cross border institutions (such as the UN) have become stifled by bureaucratic priorities and the world's problems are not being adequately addressed – too many People of the World continue to suffer needlessly.

Why it will work

This site uses social media – free from filter bubbles and echo chambers – to identify popular solutions to world problems. Social media is a powerful tool of change, and can be used to force governments and institutions to address the urgent needs of the People of the World, as recent examples have shown. The system of mass voting makes public opinion so visible it becomes difficult for leaders and industries to avoid their responsibilities. In the future, democracies will be far more issues-based than they are today (where we vote for our representatives only). This is the start of that future.

How it is funded is a not-for-profit venture designed for the benefit of all people, and is not linked to any government, organisation or corporation. All donations to the website will be applied to site expenses, including maintenance, improvements and promotions. If you or your company would like to support, it is a term of your support that it will be acknowledged openly and transparently.


If you have a suggestion as to how we can improve the site, send us an email, tweet or message on Facebook.

Using this site

This site is your global democracy. Please use it to express your voice and vote on the world's problems and solutions. Start now by signing up and contributing your voice and vote.