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Mental health, Social Inclusion and Vulnerability

Following on from my earlier submission & supporting links, there needs to be a much more holistic approach in how policies are developed and aligned for to have the appropriate accountability, transparency and delivery of significantly better outcomes all-round. With clear variations between public and private practice in mental health care, with private practice adopting a much more holistic approach. A number of revelations pertaining to judicial direction and advocacy necessitates this in addition to revelations through CAMHS. The activation of funding streams, especially for marginalised communities means that there needs to be much greater incentivisation of sectors & organisations to facilitate this as securing a 'Lead Entity' is a prerequisite to make a submission for the likes of Leader funds and through the Wheel, perhaps the Dialogues on the future of Europe and conferences which coincided. Civic society needs to be much more involved with mechanisms such as the Public Participation Network (PPN) developing an Independent National structure, to facilitate 'Grass Roots' inputs. There was widespread agreement at the last PPNs National Conference, that if the final part on structure is adequately addressed by Government (decision due this month) in keeping with the findings of a Mazars management company on the PPNs, there is potential for this to be presented in Europe and beyond as a mechanism for facilitating Participative Democracy. There are equally a number of outdated values through legal & court practices, primarily Public practice which is alienating citizens and not adopting a holistic approach around any of these areas. This needs to change with a much more robust and aligned approach towards policy with the appropriate Governance in line with Best practice. While members of the advisory team to the State in Ireland during the formation of (Ireland's organisation dedicated to ending mental health stigma) in 2006, emphasized Emotional Well being, there has been much misalignment of policies evident which have contributed to significant consequences since. This has been reinforced especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. Dr. Harry Barry, who is also an International bestselling author outlined in reference to the pandemic "The importance of having Hope, as it's absence may lead to Despair, which could lead to anxiety and may manifest as depression". Dr Tony Bates a clinical psychologist, outlined in reference to the pandemic the three learnings for all of society; the need for "Reliability, Consistency and Warmth" Also Dr Conor McCabe who compiled an Anti- poverty strategy report for Co. Clare's PPN, which he titled "There are no services they just give you tablets" Therefore policy needs to be adequately Robust, aligned, coherent and transparent to facilitate the principles of Diversity and Inclusion, equality of opportunity, with the appropriate evaluation mechanisms in place to facilitate much more effective outcomes. The era and culture of 'labelling' needs to cease and those working in mental health care, legal & court services and legislatures need to be much more nuanced and aligned in how policies are developed to ensure that the appropriate reduction in environmental factors are expedited, with the appropriate CPD, and governance in place.
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