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If you from suffer eco-anxiety, that is understandable, especially if you regularly read and keep up with the science. Salute to you for doing that and I am with you. But we also need to spare a thought for polar bears, coral reefs and their inhabitants, birds dropping out of the sky during heatwaves and all manner of animals cooked in the Australian and Canadian wildfires. Most of us, we still have a roof over our head and air-conditioning when we want it. So yeah, I would say, we should feel sorry for ourselves but also we should wipe away the tears of self pity and get moving on the solution fast, for all these other critters. This is our job, as the apex predator, the causers of their woes and the custodians of the planet on these times, the cutting edge history as the world teeters on the brink of climate catastrophe. It is our job to not feel sorry for ourselves, but to act!
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