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Vote here to ban farming octopus

A company in the Canary Islands is proposing to do something that has not been done before - farming octopus. They say that by creating optimal conditions that cater for space, temperature, water quality, food, and an absence of predators, it will work, and furthermore their view is that octopuses should adapt to group environments without territorial aggression. But those arguments overlook one thing: Octopuses are are intelligent, feeling and emotional beings, and so we should not kill them in the first place - we only do so out of historic habit and cultural norms. As we are not going to change cultural norms any time soon - and so, yes, we will keep eating them - the next best thing to not eating them is at least not farming them. That octopuses are sentient and surprisingly intelligent beings was made clear in the recent movie 'My Teacher the Octopus'. Octopuses are solitary by nature and are entitled to a life at sea on their own terms. Squid? My research is that squid are a bit similar. They do live in groups, so that is a bit different. Their habits are less studied than the octopus, but it is not for humans to say they are less intelligent than octopuses, is it? We do know squid are problem solvers too, and, while we will no doubt continue to eat squid, I think we should not farm them, either. But for now, this idea is: Vote here to support a total ban on farming octopuses!
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