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Government by the people

There is no excuse for dropping bombs on children in 2024, and this needs to be an automatic war crime. The people of the world need to put systems in place for automatic punishment of any leader who authorises such activity, in their country, or other countries. The way to do this is to have, in addition to the united nations, a global deliberative democracy. That is, a process by which all people in the world can voluntarily participate in decisions on matters of global concern such as, for example, legislating global penalties for bombing children, or, say excessive burning or for permitting excessive burning of fossil fuels. There will then need to be an enforcement arm of the global deliberative democracy - which can be manged by the United Nations. The security of the people of the world can no longer be subject to the whims of a few tyrants and business people. The people of the world, themselves, need to take control.
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