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It's ok to make mistakes

Most of us have grown up to have an inherent fear of failure. It's ingrained in us. Can we change that? And if so, would it be for the better of all of us? It is often a misstep - an action that leads to a negative outcome, a wrong answer on a test that prompts us to remember what the right one was down the line. The memory boost induced by missteps are often superior to that we get from simply learning something. There is a growing body of literature that suggests this to even be the case when we are intentionally mis-stepping. So, perhaps we as a society should open up to the idea of getting things wrong. We should allow this, too, in the youth. Loosen the reins. Work together to become more accepting of failure, in ourselves, our kids, our parents, siblings and friends. Knowing that while our failures may seem negative at the time, we might be better off for them. I hope that some people might read this and see a recent failure from a more positive angle.
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