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More on binary systems

Further to one of last weeks ideas, which was : "Binary systems are so yesterday × We often go through life charged for things as if they are black or white, and so they are. For example... If you have a car (tick), you need to pay registration on that car, all year, even if you only drive it sometimes. Of course people want their money's worth, and so these binary systems encourage us to over-use. Another good example is luggage for flights. If I have to pay for 15-20 kg at a minimum, I'm much more likely to overpack because I have the space and paid for it! Alternatively if they weighed my bag at check-in and charged me that way... I would be much less inclined to pack a third scarf. To disincentivise over-consumption, it is time for payment models to be more flexible and less binary." (that was last week's idea ) There is no reason this should not be extended to companies. For example, fracking companies pay normal tax, but perhaps their gas fields could be monitored for rogue methane emissions (which are inevitable), and if they are over a certain amount, then they pay additional tax. There is no good reason why all companies should pay the same tax.
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