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Obvious Solution to Global Warming

Time for the Obvious solution to global warming 1. UN to gather the world's top earth scientists (email addresses with IPCC?); 2. They work out where is the low hanging fruit for reducing atmospheric greenhouse gasses; 3. UN (this September) require each country to tip in one percent of GDP per year to adopting those measures til the problem is fixed; 4. Levy can be discounted where nations show exceptional improvements in own reductions; 5. Get on with it! If we leave it another year, we will be leaving it all too late! This is all perfectly legal as the climate crisis is now a matter of global security . The UN Security Council has power to take enforceable actions if it is for the preservation of global security. You could add to the mix a global climate change kitty for companies and individuals to throw some coin into the can, as there are a lot of philanthropists that would give to a cause if they know was going to be the one that saves the planet. Not to mention companies that want an ethical badge and a tax deduction. Just because the Security Council can't agree on anything else, doesn't mean they cant agree on this no-brainer. You could call it the Low Hanging Fruit Project, or something similar. It would need to be a thing.
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