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Donating food waste

About 931 million tonnes of food is wasted every year, with about 61% of this coming from households. This is a shame for 2 main reasons: there are many hungry people out there who could benefit from the food, plus it's disposal is bad for the environment with decomposition resulting in the production and emission of potent greenhouse gases... There are clearly some logistical barriers, otherwise so much food would not go to waste. What is needed is a coordinated system of retrieval and distribution, which can notably be aided by improving technologies and artificial intelligence. Then: raise awareness, have food waste a conscious topic on peoples minds. And of course ensure collaboration with local and bigger businesses etc, as appropriate. Importantly, this needs to be worked into policy to avoid the opportunities "slip by" - a relatively new law in San Diego sees grocery stores/food suppliers required to donate edible waste to food rescue organisations and the like. Time for the rest of the world to follow suit...
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