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Who is in charge, anyway?

Since when is it ok for 8 billion people to leave global governance issues to a few heads of state and tech heads we had nothing to do with electing? The people of the world are perfectly capable of banging our 8 billion heads together to come up with a new global governance structure to oversee global issues, aren't we? We have the internet. Or, is it just 'too hard'? Let's let the US do it, or, at least, whoever the bible belt in the US vote for. And Putin, if he wants to. And Musk. Are you kidding me? You do not need to have global government to have a better means of enforcing fundamental human rights that we have now. You just need an institution that can, by all our agreement, protect populations from the biggest wrongs of other human beings. Like dropping bombs on population's. We all know that is wrong. We have fallen asleep at the wheel. The people of the world need to wake up. The world needs to put in place some basic structures for global governance*. To do otherwise is for the world to be effectively governed by the whims of a self selected overlords such as Putin and that Korean guy.. In our capacity as global citizens, our failure to organize ourselves has already led us down many dark paths. People! Get organized! Start by putting up suggestions here, and voting for them here. *United Nations has demonstrably failed. An autocrat who governs 2% of the global population can bomb who he likes under the current structure.
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