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Governments should publish impacts of vaccines

I am in favour of vaccines, and maybe even mRNA vaccines. But with respect to mRNA vaccines, we all need to be given a bit more information. It is now three years since we all started taking vaccines in compliance with government recommendations and requirements. Yet not a lot of research has been published about the impacts of the vaccines on people's health. I get that governments do not want to be sued by thousands of people if it turns out that arguably bad decisions have been made. But they still have to be transparent. Recently, I have learned of quite a number of people suffering long covid type symptoms after receiving the mRNA types of vaccine. Having now looked into it, I can see the reason there might be a problem: Traditional vaccines introduce a piece of a dead virus (piece of spike protein) into the body to prime the immune system to respond to future infections with the live virus. mRNA vaccines, in contrast, introduced a new code into the RNA of all the cell in our body to enable them to produce the piece of virus (piece of spike protein) in order to prime the immune system to respond to future infections with the live virus. What's the difference? Well, traditional vaccines were tested for decades before being mass produced and foisted on the masses in response to the Covid pandemic. nMRNA vaccines were not tested for long at all. Now that is seems some people became sick with the mRNA virus, we need to know more. How many are sick. How sick are they? Was pushing us into having mRNA vaccines such a great decision after all? Should we do that again next time? I am not anti-vax, and I do not know the true extent of problems caused by the mRNA vaccines. It may be they are great and I am sure they saved many lives. But I also think governments should be transparent about the stats on problems associated with them.
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