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Standardise rental application forms

It is very challenging to get a rental right now, with reports of dozens of people at each inspection and high rent prices. However, making the situation more excruciating is the sheer volume of information requested by property managers these days during the application process. You have a cat or dog? Tick the box. Also required: a picture of said animal, details of age and microchip number. What is possibly the need for this? I have also heard stories of reference checks resulting in property managers asking old employers how much the applicant makes at their new job. How the heck is the old employer going to know this? Is this depth of information fair if it is not required? And is there any indication that this information would be destroyed if the application is rejected, or further down the line in the future? A standardised rental application asking for reasonable, consistent information should be but into practice to avoid such unnecessary practices by property managers.
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