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Report for Duty on Social Media

Governments aren't turning up to solve global issues, because it is not their job - and so it is actually up to you and me. Think about it. These days, almost every disaster has a social media response, from coordinating rescue teams and arranging volunteers to help clean up, to enabling people to debrief, console and finally agitate for change. Whether alongside government or on its own, it is social media that is becoming the most effective response to all things catastrophic, once the disaster has happened. and other social medial now also give us a chance to bypass governments on global issues. They enable us to work together to be preventative of catastrophe, as well as respond to it. In particular to avert the one big disaster that will affect all our grandchildren: 'global apocalypse caused by ecological destruction' (gaced). Now, it has not happened, yet, and it may not happen. But it will if we sit on our hands. It will actually take a lot of work by us to avoid it. Therefore, in order to save our grandchildren from being 'gaced', we could start to work together using social media to promote new ways of doing things, to work together for change. Social media including is available to be used to help make changes before it is too late. Use it!
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