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Climate Optimists, Deniers and Alarmists

Mainstream media serves us best when it provides information on things that mean a lot to us. One of the things that should mean a lot to us is whether climate change will be catastrophic for humanity and other species, or not. Given the size of its importance, the mainstream media actually does not report on it that much. The mainstream press that this issue does get, seems to be divided into two types: 1. Scientific information, occasionally; and 2. Informed opinion occasionally, including from deniers, optimists or alarmists. The informed opinion component of the reporting has, until recently, been reasonably balanced between deniers, optimists and alarmists. In the last 5 years, most media, including Murdoch even, has shifted somewhat from reporting informed opinion from deniers, optimists and occasionally alarmists to optimists and alarmists - a big improvement. But I would argue there still needs to be a massive shift in mainstream media reporting on climate change to : Scientific information more regularly; and Informed opinion from alarmists, literally all the time. This is because, according to scientists, the problem of human casued catstrophic climate change is accelerating, and the need for action becoming incredibly pressing. It just seems to me that people are being mentally left behind. The urgency of the need for major policy action is bounding ahead of our consciousness of it. How widely was it reported, for example, that on 17 January 2024, Nature magazine published an article that new studies show Greenland ice loss has in recent decades been significantly greater than the scientists thought even a few months ago? Human beings are intelligent. These snippets of information are cues for thinking people to change their votes and views, and ultimately their actions - slowly and erratically maybe, but surely. True, many people obtain their news from social media, not mainstream media. But there is no point agitating for change in social media news delivery. That horse has long bolted. Your social media newsfeed is already tailored to match your views. Your predeliberative prejudices are 'locked in', there. So, this idea is that mainstream media needs to really 'amp up' the bad news on climate change, both the facts from the scientists, and informed opinion from the alarmists. Posted without my humblest apologies.
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