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Did you know it is no longer possible to spread information on global issues via most social media platforms? This is because since 2022 boosting any post that concerns a public policy issue of any kind outside one's own country usually constitutes a breach of terms of use of a social media platform, and is thereby barred. This is interesting, because many of societies' problems are now common across borders, and can only be resolved by: 1. identification of the problems and extent of them; 2. discussion and cross pollination of ideas and solutions; and 3. collaboration, to an extent, so that the best solutions can be implemented in all our interests. It is true the any information on global issues could be disinformation, but that is the same with all communication of any kind. That is no reason to prohibit the spreading of any posts, ideas or thoughts on any global topics. Given social media makes it impossible to boost any ideas on social policy across borders, GD is, kind of by default, now the most effective way to safely share ideas across borders to make things better. It is the only way to do it in a space that is anonymous, devoid of advertising or political agenda, and moderated for spam and offensive material. So fire away!
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