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To be 'woke' in 2024

Black vernacular for having a social conscience, the term 'woke' has been appropriated since 2020 by old white men to ridicule people of colour, females and sensitive males who raise issues of fairness in society, that they deem 'politically correct', but not really correct. It worked for them, with the now majority of the western world viewing woke as a derogatory term. In fact, the campaign to ridicule carers as complainers via the appropriation of 'woke' has worked so well, that even the politically correct use it to describe those who they see as 'over the top' politically correct. This idea is that in 2024 the term 'woke' be extended to describe people that care about people being too politically correct. This will make them as woke as the next person. So next time you hear someone call other people woke, remind them that makes them woke.
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