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The AI lessons from 2023

At the start of 2023, Open AI released a generative AI software on the world that was going to rapidly change the way people do things. Fast forward to the end of 2023, and this, the greatest disrupter technology of all time, has not quite lived up to its rap. As the world's apex predator, this can only be a good thing for humans. But I vote for more governance, more rules, more global standards and more enforceability of those standards. The ISOs they are talking about are only going to be voluntary, and there is still no global maker and enforcer of rules to control this potentially destructive technology. Algorithms and inputs into these systems are still opaque, capitalist motivations are still driving development, and the risks keep mounting. Anyone heard of Q* ? If 'AI' turns out not to be the word of the year in 2023, maybe 'Q*' will be in 2024, for all the wrong reasons. Keep the pressure for regulation on, people. What we learned in 2023 is that we can get away without global regulation on AI, not that we will.
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