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How the world handles emergencies

There are are two types of communal disasters in this world: natural disasters, and then there are political emergencies. The Social Media is used for both, but has become a preeminent medium for responding to natural disasters. Here is a short extract of an article on this from the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction on the emergence of social media as a first responder to natural disasters: "The strength of social media as an important new channel of public information presents the capacity to disseminate advice and information about events such as cyclones, earthquakes and floods in ‘real time’. Even with the evident limitations of web-based technologies (access to a compatible device, sufficient power, data download limits, technical competence, language capabilities), electronic media often has the capacity to deliver timely, up-to-date and localised content more efficiently than traditional media. As a result, community-driven (informal) or authority-driven (formal) emergency communication is rapidly turning to web-based technologies and social media to expand public accessibility for warnings and information ." ( paper by Kerstin Zander and others October 2022). In fact, we have all seen social media work to save lives in natural disasters. But can Social Media also become a pre-eminent first responder to political disasters, like climate change? There are certainly a lot of petition sites that seek to pressure decision maker to make the right decisions in real time, co-ordinate efforts and provide life saving information in other areas of politics, eg war. What about climate change? This idea is that people with skill at using social media could try and use the principles that have worked in a bushfire emergency Social Media type response, the more protracted crisis of climate change. By that, I mean, through trial and error, maybe, can social media gurus work at developing a communal hub to lead an effort by all interested people in the world to get the job done? Tricky? Yes. Possible?
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