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Connecting young kids with different cultures

I think primary schools should be encouraged to connect with other schools - from different countries with different cultures - to establish pen-pal like relationships between students. This will lead to strong personal connections between young people of different cultures, and establish the roots for intercultural empathy in many kids who will end up leading the world one day.. The idea is that a scheme is implemented to make it easier for schools to form these arrangements with other schools. Implementing a structured program to facilitate these connections would streamline the process for schools. Providing standard protocols and a general framework for logistics would make it relatively straightforward for schools to participate. Privacy concerns are mitigated as letters are exchanged between school addresses, and with parental consent, these relationships can extend beyond the program, allowing personal addresses to be shared when children leave school. This initiative not only promotes global understanding but also serves as a source of companionship for lonely children, reassuring them that they have a special friend somewhere in the world.
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