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Single Session Therapy

Some people are always in therapy. Some people never. Some people should be. A new review of a large volume of research shows for therapy to work it doesn't need to be prolonged, and in fact "single session interventions" can produce important turning points in people's mental health, reducing symptoms of depression , anxiety, and sometimes eating disorders and the like. Obviously this is not to say that a single session will help all people with a problem. But offering up an hour for someone who wants to - to talk with a qualified counsellor - might not be a bad ploy for governments, or organizations who want to improve productivity in their constituents or workers, given the findings of Jessica Schleider , a director of mental health in her new book "Little Treatments, Big Effects". She makes a case that a session of therapy can often have big impacts on a person without them doing any longer program of intensive therapy. This kind of research should inform policy. Low cost, big impact. Maybe it could be something that readers of this idea would like to know, regardless of anyone's policy. :)
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