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Send shelter animals on death row to prison

Hear me out. A prison in Indiana, USA, has recently started adopting cats so they can be cared for by the inmates. The possible advantages of such an initiative are quite extensive. Consider: - Emotional benefits to inmates, who may be struggling with feelings of loneliness. - Sense of responsibility can lead to increased empathy which may benefit rehabilitation - studies have actually shown that prison animal programs can lead to lower rates of recidivism. - Shelter animals benefit from attention and socialisation, improving their behaviour and increasing chances of adoption. - Reducing overcrowding in shelters and providing a low-cost alternative to traditional animal care services. Overcrowding in animal shelters is a massive issue in many places, and results in millions of cats (and other animals) being euthanised every year. Such initiatives could save a lot of animal lives here, and possibly some human ones too.
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