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The future of the 50 over Cricket World Cup

The One Day (50 over version of cricket) World Cup is currently being played in India. This version of the game was introduced in the 1970's as a fast format of the game of cricket. As we all know, it has largely been taken over by the 20 over version of the game, or 'T-20'. As most people agree, there is not really room for three formats of the game of cricket. There is some thought that this could even be the last of the 'One Day Cricket' world cups. This idea is that cricket playing nations do let the one day format slide away, but just keep the 50 over World Cup every 4 years. This would take pressure off domestic schedules, and would create a sense of 'something different' every 4 years, drawing players from both the T-20 format and the test match format to see who can mix the two formats best in the (now otherwise antiquated) 50 over form of the game.
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