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Why fight wars?

I agree with the person who said that we should all reflect on wars a bit more, and then we might be less likely to have them. Especially in western democracies. Hear me out. When the children of yesteryear stormed the trenches of invading nations and lost their lives many years ago ('died for us'), what were they fighting for, if not freedom? Freedom is not a dormant idea between wars. It is a possession that we all need to fight to keep, once it is won. By that I mean we need to keep working on it, during peacetime, by reading, writing and communicating better ways to live for all of us. If we do not communicate our views on better ways to live as a group, then we might as well let the tyrants do our thinking for us. If we use our phones only to play games, then we have lost nothing by having a tyrant take over and think for us.
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