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Confronting air travel frequency in a time of climate crisis

If you have an app that shows where all airplanes are flying all over the world at any given minute (there are plenty of them), chances are you will freak out. That is, if you care about emissions: One flight might equate a quarter of your carbon emissions for the year - 10 flights will no doubt put you into the 'high polluting individual' category (if there was such a thing - wealthy people who create these metrics are a bit scared of creating that one, it seems) . Let me cut to the chase: the days of purchasing $20 in offsets at the time you purchase your ticket should be long gone already. There should be a universal 50% tax on all flights that are not low carbon (new technology) flights, from now on. We live in a time where we have to choose between money or the environment - while we transition to a low emissions era, that will be permanent, once we complete the transition. 100 years ago to 10,000 years ago people did not have a choice between flying or.. sailing or before that riding a horse or walking I guess. Well, you know what I mean. Flying wasn't an option. Now that it is an option, lets us keep it. But surely this generation can exercise some controls over ourselves for future generations? Vote here if you think something drastic needs to be done about our flying habits.
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