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UFOs? USA should show us what they have got, not just talk about it

Last week, David Grusch, a former US Department of Defence official, claimed publicly there are deeply covert programmes run by the US government that possess “intact and partially intact” craft of non-human origin that have been retrieved but kept secret over decades. He claims they have even been kept secret from US Congress. Half the media is skeptical, saying pronouncements like this have been made for decades with no proof. The other half have a more 'open' mind, noting there remain a large number of unexplained incidents. The current way the US government deals with this kind of 'leak' is to roll out a general who confirms there is no evidence of alien craft or beings in their possession. The better way from them to handle this would be for the US government to grab a camera and take the people of the world on a tour through Area 51 to show us what they have or have not got. Accepted they could still hide stuff , and properly leave some sensitive defence equipment out of the footage, and we will never really know if they have come clean on all. But something like this ''show and tell" would be a step in the right direction. If their former employees are saying this, then it would be fair to both US and non American citizens alike to be more transparent, as no small group of people have a right to own and keep to their chest this kind of knowledge.
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