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Australia's referendum on the Voice

Aboriginal ('first nations') people in Australia have been subject to invasion, marginalization, poverty, racism and condescending policies for generations. On average, their self esteem, health profiles, addiction, life expectancy and incarceration rates are far far worse than non-Aboriginal Australians. Six years ago, in a meeting of many aboriginal groups in central Australia, there was pronounced a 'Statement of From the Heart' , where they developed a case for the government to have more consultation with Aboriginal People before laws are made in this country, as one way of recognizing something needs to be done about this shocking situation. Australia has a referendum later this year whether to do this. That is, on whether or not to include in our constitution that our federal parliament shall have an additional layer of consultation before lawmaking, being to consult with aboriginal people. If passed, it will be called 'the Voice'. It will expressly have no law making power. It is expressly no more than a mechanism for Aboriginal people to be heard by our Federal government before laws are made, from now on. In my opinion, the silent majority of Australians think the Voice is not a bad idea. However, narrative is now completely owned by the squeaky wheels : ' its not fair to favour one group in lawmaking' ; 'it will be divisive' ;'it should be done in states not the federal parliament;'; 'it can be done without amending the constitution' ; 'its the thin end of the wedge',' and ' not even all Aboriginal people agree'. There is now a massive risk of this referendum failing. This idea is that the silent majority of Australians must not let this referendum fail. They must hang tough, and let the squeaky wheels squeak. There is no joy to be had in being mean spirited. Let them talk until they are blue in the face, but do not let them persuade you. A good democracy listens to its disadvantaged, not the squeaky wheels. We should not be so weak a country as to deprive our most disadvantaged a voice when they call out to be heard.
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