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2 houses per person

Having a place to live is a basic human right, yet accessible housing is lacking globally. Property should not be an area that is profited off. It would be beneficial to society as a whole to limit the number of properties that any one person can own to 2. This would free up property that the government can have available to provide to people, subsidised, to people in need. While a theoretical cost for the government, having housing stability is crucial for a society to thrive. In turn, people are given a greater opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the community, easing the burden on government spending in the long run. Many people who understandably find it challenging to get or hold down a job without a stable place of residence would overcome this obstacle, no longer requiring welfare payments. Stability is also crucial to keep people healthy - a healthy population is a population that requires much less money to be spent on healthcare. One step toward decreasing housing prices is decreasing the number of people buying property to profit.
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