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Philosophy and Near Death Experiences

We all know that our perception of the world is limited by our senses - A deep sea fish with no eyes cannot perceive light and therefore mountain top flowers, for example, ergo, our own limitations on our senses mean we cannot perceive 'blank'. Phyicist David Wolpert recently pointed out that there are further inherent limitations in the human condition, being our ability to formulate all potential cognitions as a consequence of our finite language. I wonder whether this is why so little attention is paid to the work of, the near death experience foundation, which publishes thousands of near death experiences from around the world each year, that have one common theme : 'I perceived another realm that I cannot explain' being the common theme in NDEs across all cultures and religions.ont We can't explain it, so we stick to worrying about what is in front our noses, albeit that that, whatever it is, may the equivalent of darkness.
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