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Hand power to Millennials now, not later

This year's European Millennial Dialogues survey, created by the Foundation for Progressive European Studies (FEPS)and conducted by AudienceNet, offers important insights by privileging the voices of Millennials themselves. The survey set includes all the European case study countries except for Denmark, plus eight other nations. The survey evidence shows that the Millennial generation is pessimistic about the capacity of organised politics to deliver a bright future for young people, or indeed to deliver in general. Millennials overwhelmingly believe that politicians should be prioritising their future opportunities: nine out of ten young people agreed that politicians should be focused on “ensuring the best possible future for young people”. Yet Millennials do not believe their leaders see them as a priority: on average, fewer than 30% of young people agreed that politicians want the best for young people. In light of that evidence, consider this: The older generation will all be dead in 40 years time. If they did cede power to Millenials now, there is not too much the Millennials can fook up in that time to make their lives intolerable. So, why not give power to the Millennials now? This way, they can make their own mistakes, and just perhaps save their own world. One thing is for sure, the older generation aint doing that with their antiquated mindsets and policies.
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