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Cloud seeding

Use of use cloud seeding and other techniques to affect local weather is going through the stratosphere. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported in 2017 that weather modification programs, including suppressing crop-damaging hail and increasing rain and snowfall, were underway in more than 50 countries. That figure could have doubled by now, as everyone seems interested in this technology. Who knows (or maybe even they don't, haha)? There are just no facts out there. Call me a party pooper, but......has it occurred to anyone that there is absolutely no international framework for regulating or overseeing anyone's weather modification projects? We all know the weather that happens in one part of the world can affect the weather that happens in other parts of the world. Perhaps we subliminally think 'well, we have stuffed up the planet's weather anyway, so.. what the heck'. Whatever the reason for no action to date, we need to start looking at getting some frameworks in place for oversight of everyone's weather changing projects. Before it gets out of hand, not after. Global citizens haven't got the patience for any more missive 'whoopsies'. The last time the World Meteorological Organization put out a caution on the practice was in 2015. As it is not the job of anyone else, it is the WMO that probably needs to step up to the plate and do something more in this space. Vote here for the WMO to develop a framework for the regulation for cloudseeding!!!
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