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Exoplanet road map

The James Webb Space Telescope has accelerated our knowledge of 'near' earth exoplanets in the last 6 months, to the point we can expect to see several examples of exoplanets in our region of the universe that could harbor life. unfortunately the science communicators are running a little behind the science in this area. Can someone somewhere (NASA or an NGO) start a kind of 3 D map /graphic so we can see what they are finding in relative terms. ie how close is Trappist-1 ( thought to be the likeliest candidate for life of some kind to exist on it) in the Milky Way, and in what direction is it and other exoplanets that are being discovered at the moment? Especially the ones that could harbor life. Can we see any of the stars that could have a habitable planet around them? If so, where are they relative to the nearest constellation? So this idea is: Can someone make a graphic/map of the exoplanets that are being discovered all the time now, so we can see where they are relative to us and which ones have the most potential to harbor life.
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