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Climate and Ukraine. One idea to solve both issues.

This one idea could at least help to resolve these two big issues: The other permanent members of the Security Council put this proposition to Russia: 1. The Ukraine conflict has disrupted global gas supply and this has inadvertently caused a rebound in coal use that is going to make global climate stability impossible to achieve. This affects us all. 2. It would therefore be 'in the interest of the global climate' for Putin to bring an end to the conflict. Such a decision could be one required of Russia by the other permanent members of the Security Council as one that is essential for the global good. 3. Putin formally takes steps to end the conflict - with some concessions from Ukraine as well, perhaps that it will not seek reparations - on the publicized ground that 'it is in the interest of global climate'. 4. Putin scores a legacy win and a way out of the conflict, and the Security Council has done its job - helping to keep the world a more secure place. If the Security Council cannot do this or something like it given the state of the world right now, then the rest of the world must say to the Security Council: It is time to move on to a new structure. This one is not working.
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