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8 billion people milestone passed this week. How many adults?

The world population ticks over 8 billion this week. Let's get some perspective here: 10,000 years ago, maybe three million people roamed the world 1,000 years ago, official estimates are around 300 million. One billion passed in 1804 4 billion in 1974 On a geological timescale, humans have infested the planet in the blink of an eye. And with plastic particles now to be found in almost every fish caught in the world, forests decimated, animal numbers halved in the last 50 years, and the climate on the verge of a tipping point from which climatologists tell us it cannot come back, the people of the would need to work together to solve the mess they have made and are making. The consequences of business as usual, even if you have the smallest imagination, are that your children could easily become victims of uncontrolled climate migration and associated uncontrolled violence. That is the trajectory you are on, as night follows day. This is why those of you who are adults need to act like adults, and grab a hose. Sure, we are all a part of the problem, and none of us can help but be a part of the problem. It is not your fault. That is the child. But you can also be a part of solving the problem. That is being an adult. Sometimes it seems as if we are a planet of all children, waiting for an adult to come along. Staring at our phones. Imagine your own children in a stampede, like the one in South Korea. Imagine them suffocating. Being trampled. If only those those who set up the event took some basic measures to prevent it from happening, before it happened. You can act now to set up the world better for the children of tomorrow. Or you can decline to engage. That is up to you. For those of you who choose to be adults, to take charge, there is so much you can do. For one, Global Democracy is a place where you can sit down, have a beverage, and take a good look at what other people are saying might be solutions to the world's problems. Put in your two cents worth, vote for ideas, or vote against them, til you find and be part of solutions that are posted here for all the world to see and be acted upon. You know many things that many other people don't know, because you have read different things. Contribute. Try to improve things, even by just a mite. And if you all do it, you will move mountains. But is up to you. "If it is to be, its up to me". You live on the cutting edge of time. You are living and breathing just when it counts in the history of mankind. You are a custodian of this planet, right now, because you have the power to change its future. Not even the strongest lion has such power as you. So think about the future. Think about the common problems people face. Consider solutions. Comment where you have additional thoughts or information. Be anonymous, if you like. On Global Democracy that is not a problem. Vote on ideas. Vote on solutions. Engage with fixing the world. That is being an adult.
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