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Apocalypse, naysayers and the anti-woke

As the human impact on our planet continues unabated, there are two ways we can organize ourselves as a global society to prevent apocalypse (which a number of tech billionaires are currently preparing for) : 1. Concede to necessity for authoritarian rule as being the only way we can control ourselves - and so enable major policies for reformed behavior to save the world from itself to be implemented quickly; or 2. Develop processes that will enable large scale change voluntarily. Under this method, people will lead the ways to harness our own power to reform the way we do things. It is hard to see the former happening other than in a small number of countries. Naysayers and the anti -woke will of course try to undermine the latter. This idea is that the mainstream willing people should ignore the naysayers and anti-woke, and march on with their work to make the world a better place. Neither apocalypse nor authoritarian rule are necessary in this world.
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