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Electrify everything

The amorphous strands of the renewables economy are being pulled together into one catch-cry - "electrify everything". That way, as the grids become cleaner, and the take up of battery storage and rooftop solar grow, a new clean world will emerge. People are now starting to realize it will be way cheaper too. It was recently said in Australia that a plan to “electrify everything” with rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles would save households across the country more than $5,000 a year. The analysis, based on publicly available energy usage data, concluded electric appliances were energy savers compared with alternatives and Australian rooftop solar was the cheapest form of home energy in the world. For example, it was said, an electric car costs about 8 cents per kilometre to drive if charged from the grid, and about 1 cent per kilometre if charged using rooftop solar. An internal combustion engine car cost about 12 cents per kilometre to run when the price of petrol was $1.43 a litre. The price of petrol is presently much higher than that. The expression "Electrify Everything" has been a catch-cry in some circles since 2017. It is now becoming mainstream. This idea is that we all need to jump on board this tram.
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