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Promote a new recycling boom

This idea is that we should promote a recycling boom by armies of volunteers that are able to sort junk into their component parts to make it viable for them to be sent to different businesses to be reused. This is based on a hunch that recycling would be far more economical and far more prevalent if only someone did the sorting. So, lets make it fun, make it something for retired people to do , as if they were going to do any other voluntary work - as many of them already do. Where are you going Arthur? To the tip shop luv, I am on roster. There they will meet with friends and others to sort through piles of recycling that is otherwise only partly sifted into bins by the consumer. Now, I am not saying we conscript baby boomers to clean up their mess. Just that there are probably 20% of retired people out there who would actually love giving back to the community in this way - if they knew someone was organizing it, and it would actually achieve something good for the world. how to implement something like this? I don't know. But first people need to vote on whether it is a good idea, in principle. Yes?
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