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Phase out home gas connections

Natural gas is a redundant home energy resource that’s production, transport and consumption is harmful to our wellbeing, environment and climate. It’s directly toxic, children born into households with gas stoves develop higher rates of asthma than those without. Household gas use has been superseded by newer, superior, technologies with incredible environmental and wellbeing upside. Examples being induction cooktops that and heat pumps for hot water heating and home heating. Despite this, most new homes feature expensive, harmful, unnecessary gas connections, in some states being mandatory for new builds via building codes. Additionally, there are significant cost barriers to removing existing gas connections, with exorbitant fees of up to $2000 paid by the consumer. Imagine having to mandatorily pump a toxic substance into your home! The phase out of household natural gas must be urgently expedited. Consumers should be incentivised rather than punished for removing existing gas connections with rebates. And new connections urgently prohibited.
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