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Free media more important than democracy

People in democratic countries should not be too quick to pat themselves on the back. Or to throw stones at other ways of governing. 1. Even countries like China are somewhat democratic, with people rising up through the ranks of leadership by voting, albeit within the one 'party'. You could even call it a meritocracy. 2. Even democratic systems come with catches: you usually need to be in one of two parties that have fairly similar objects to be able to meaningfully engage as a politician; agendas of a government often stray from what the majority of a population wants; and free speech, which is a hallmark of democracy, is never absolute in any country. 3. Another thing to remember is that authoritarian rule might even be somewhat suitable for countries with large populations. In a big country, if you listened to everyone you would never get anything done. China's (previous) one child policy and (current) sprint to a green economy are both good for the planet, and probably more achievable by authoritarian rule. Information, on the other hand - what a great and important freedom! It would be great to see Pelosi going around the world congratulating governments on their freedom of information, instead of their system of government. That is what gives modern governments of any kind credibility. Free media. Free communication. That is what gives people the chance to live their fullest lives. And allowing people to live their fullest lives is, after all, what governments are for.
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