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Golf - Liv and let Liv

The USPGA, two months ago dissing the new Liv golf tour as irrelevant, is now having to take notice. Liv is the new golf tournament organization that runs tournaments in many countries, including the USA, and that is taking many of the best professional golfers away from their usual golf circuit organized by the PGA. In recent weeks, a whole swathe of the worlds top 100 players have moved over to Liv, attracted by the huge money on offer. The PGA line to date has been that Liv, backed by a Saudi Arabian Private Investment Fund, is flat out immoral, it is connected with the human rights violators, and it is really just a scam for Saudi elites to launder 'sportswash' their dirty money. Not so fast, PGA. The whole world trades with Saudi Arabia, not least the USA that sells weapons to that country. There is no such thing as Saudi Arabia boycott. As for the USPGA, it has been usurping world golf for the last 50 years to the point where USA golf is equated to world golf. The world has increasingly allowed the US PGA to command the the most world ranking points for their own tournaments for decades now, and, over those decades, the USPGA has extended their golf season from 8 months a year to 52 weeks, depriving the rest of the world of top ranked golfers for all but one or two weeks of the year. So from the rest of the world to the USPGA, we might not all like Liv, but these things happen when you push the pendulum too far into your own corner. You are going to have to suck this up. Liv and let Liv.
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