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Australia - its time to understand yourself.

Idea from Naarm, Melbourne, Australia: The time has come to acknowledge the land that we are all on. I believe that collectively, a lot of us are doing the best that we can, with knowledge that we have. It is now becoming the social etiquette standard to pay respect to elders of the land and the nation that we meet on every day (as it should). This is far delayed, and incredibly important to the First Nations people of this country. As much as many of us respect and support this, there are plenty of challenges. Without the proper education we cannot guarantee we are paying the proper, and deserved respect to those who need it. The education space is lacking the proper capacity building of individuals to ensure we deliver this respect and acknowledgement in the correct and proper way. Improper, or a lack of, education leads to improper or absent acknowledgment, and subsequently, insufficient respect. This is the last thing the First Nations people of this country need. With so much land still contested, and a large mass of people wanting to do the respectful thing - there are challenges in getting this right. There needs to be broader and holistic education about the land that we inhabit, and who is owed the acknowledgment and respect that is deserved. Without this, we cannot truely live as one nation. Education on this topic needs to be prevalent and prioritised. We need to amplify voices. This starts from primary school, and continues to those higher up - including the people that run this country. Delivering this education ensures that younger generations are equipped with the tools to truly understand the meaning of the land and nations we meet on. Simultaneously, up-skilling and retraining the executives, the older generations, and everyone else that (no fault of their own) that knew (and know) no different. There is no way forward as a united nation without a considerable effort and change to education on Our History. Stand up, show up.
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