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Recycling clothes - Hubs

Recycling clothes reduces the need for newly manufactured fibers. This saves water, energy, dyes and chemicals, which results in less pollution. New innovations in this area include ebay type selling of old clothes to renting space in clothes' stores to sell your old wardrobe to someone with your size and taste. Charity shops are also a great option, but many people wouldn't mind a few dollars for their rarely used clothes. With so many clothes with so much value sitting in so many homes, communities and therefore governments need to double down on educating people how to best offload their clothes, especially if there is money to be made by ordinary folk under emerging schemes for recycling clothes. Maybe there could be a 'clothes reuse information hub' in each country and community to let people know there options out there in the big wide world in this area, and to steer them through the process of how to use those options. The hubs could be funded by taking just 10% of the money people make from using these options. These hubs could be online, but would best serve communities if they were a real place with real people. They could even take the clothes and pay for them at that spot, knowing they will make a healthy margin. And be part of saving the planet from further unnecessary manufacture and consumption.
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