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Climate - No more beating around the bush

Humanity has five minutes to reach our goal of slashing emissions, if we are to save future generations from ecological disaster. Given this, it is time now for the 'dash to the pole', for running up that hill- we gotta move. In addition to all the measures the world is taking, we need to do three things: 1. Put all money that is otherwise going into energy efficiency in buildings to investment in renewable grids: we won't need energy efficient buildings once the grids are carbon neutral, and besides, the faster we fix the grids, the faster electric cars will actually be green, and not another version of fossil fuel guzzlers. 2. Plant a bucket load of trees right now. It is true, the trees will die one day and emit carbon back into the atmospheres, but this is the important 40 years to suck up carbon, while we fix the grids. 3. The UN must appoint a high level scientific team to identify the global low hanging fruit - where we can cut emissions the fastest, and design: (a) a UN General Assembly / Security Council fast track process to implement their recommendations for the security of the world, and (b) a mega fund for all people in the world to donate funds to those projects - which can be used in part to compensate those who have to take one for the team in order for us to pick this low hanging fruit. Let's stop talking about it and get on with it.
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