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Connect young kids of different cultures

I think primary schools should be encouraged to connect with other schools - from different countries with different cultures - to establish pen-pal like relationships between students. Starting from a young age, this will lead to strong personal connections between young people of different cultures, and establish the roots for intercultural empathy in many kids who will end up leading the world one day. It would also help any lonely kids, knowing they they had a friend somewhere in the world who was extra special, because they were only theirs. The idea is that a scheme is implemented to make it easier for schools to form these arrangements with other schools. Standard protocols should be provided, and if a general framework is given to participating schools re the logistics then it would not be much work to implement. There is also no real issue of privacy as letters are sent between the school addresses. With permission from the parents of both children the relationship can be extended beyond the scheme when the kids leave school - e.g. personal addresses shared etc.
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