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Us versus Them

It is governments trying to stay in power that promote a feeling of 'Us versus 'Them'. It is good for their chances at the next election, or, in the cases of autocracies', it galvanizes support for unelected governments. Promoting 'Us versus Them' is a cheap trick, and it is bad for all of us. In reality, we all love each other. We just don't want too much immigration, that's all. Because we know too much immigration will spoil our cultures. That is the truth. Lazy governments score cheap points from this fear. If we let the cheap agendas of lazy governments win, that is how we will lose all of our cultures - as lack of global cooperation will lead to border wars and eventually famine and forced migration around the world. So, we as global citizens need to stand up against the Us versus Them mentality. We need to stand up and acknowledge we love each other, that we do not hate each other. That is how we can start to undo the damage that has been done by many lazy politicians, and is being done by many lazy politicians all around the world.
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