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Roe v Made up minds

This idea is that Roe v Wade proves humankind really needs to work on educating young people to think for themselves. Let me explain: We all know Conservative politics in the US equates to 'pro life'. The Democrats, who are are more left leaning, are almost universally 'pro choice'. But why is this so? When you think about it, the GOP conservative right are, in all other aspects of life, 'anti-regulation'. Democrats, on the other hand, are the ones who are traditionally 'pro-regulation - traditionally, the bleeding hearts, and the party that advocates more regulation to look after those who cannot look after themselves. Why then, on the question of abortion, is it arse about? Why, on this issue alone, do the two groups self identify on the opposite side of the spectrum? All of a sudden, on this ONE issue, the Republican voters all seem to want MORE regulation and less fending for ourselves, in spite of the guiding principle of 'less government is good' that defines their party. I don't think the 'religious right' hypothesis cuts it. A godly GOP would preach higher taxes, and that doesn't happen. What it shows is that too many of us just support whatever our political tribe supports. without thinking for ourselves. 'The party wants this, so we want this'. If our tribe has a position on something, anything, even if it flies in the face of everything else we believe, too often we will just 'go with it'. In other words, it shows that we are so concerned to self identify with our 'in group', that we are happy to bundle our beliefs with theirs on anything, and even fight for those beliefs. This applies to both sides of politics. Without choosing sides on Roe v Wade, it shows that once an idea gets into a mainstream political party, it can take off regardless of its merit. Above all, it shows the importance of teaching children about pre-deliberative prejudices, he traps of tribalism and the importance of thinking for themselves.
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