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Determinism and emergent causation

So, we normally think of determinism as a reductionist view of the world., right? If we break things down small enough, then we can see the workings of nature are actually the workings of cause and effect at the minutest level. So, the world may not be predictable, but it is one that is inevitable, given what went the moment before. Well, the 2022 version of determinism among some philosophers is that the reductionist view may not be correct. The experts on this topic are now citing a kind of 'emergent causation' that occurs on a much higher level, such as a decision that is made by an individual based on 'whole of brain, whole of person, whole of history ' type considerations, that cannot be attributable to any molecular prior state. This is a kind of soft determinism, that leaves space for free will, as opposed to the molecular' hard determinism' that has had philosophers handcuffed for the last 100 years. It is kind of comforting, isn't it. But is it right?
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