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Salute to Wikipedia

In a world of misinformation and hidden agendas, wouldn't it be great if there was a well organized hub for factual information managed by people and for people and without agendas. Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and does just that. The fact that it exists and has floated to the top of the internet and all search engines, except in countries where governments value misinformation, is a tribute to the internet, and to the founders of Wikipedia. We now take it for granted ,sometimes, that we can find out about anything by just going to Wikipedia. But it is the work of good people including the founders, employees and contributors. Wikipedia is now in the top 10 visited websites in the world. People donate around US$150 million to Wikipedia each year. This is way less than many billionaires make in a year. Yet Wikipedia is the source of education, growth and opportunity for billions of people who use the internet to understand facts to be able to grow them selves and improve the world. Wikipedia has never been more important than today. I want to say salute to Wikipedia.
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