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Diversity of ideas equals a free mind and fair world

German philosopher and sociologist Jurgen Habermas, born in 1929 and still alive today, is a highly decorated academic. He points out that it is government, and to an even greater extent, now, the media, that controls the dialogue that people are having with each other. He believes in modern society people have lost agency in deciding the content of their own communication with one another. The media sets the subject of communication, the tone of communication and our perception as to what even are own affairs. It is hard to disagree. While this is a comment more on personal psychology than on diversification of media, it feeds into the same conclusion: We are better off when we have diverse sources of media and diverse sources of information to help us to think clearly. This becomes obvious when we see what can happen in some authoritarian states. In Russia, for example, the invasion of Ukraine is being spun as a defensive special military operation by Russia's state controlled media: The false narrative is that Russia has been forced to take action in order to prevent Western plans to use Ukraine as a tool for destroying Russia and waging genocide against Russian people all over the globe. And so we have have killing fields in their neighbouring country. But it also applies to people in free countries: For many years and continuing, readers of Murdoch news sources have been fed sceptical stories on climate change, undermining all efforts of scientists to persuade political leaders to take stronger action on carbon emissions. is, among other things, a free and fair platform for all people to engage openly in civil discourse on things that affect them. This is a place for free thinking people to set their own agenda, to put forward their own novel ideas. For allowing new conversations to develop, and for ideas of your choice, big and small, to be floated. It will grow over time. Don't be fooled to thinking you cannot make a difference. People must take the lead, in the end: "There go the people. I must follow them. I am their leader." - Mahatma Ghandi.
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