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The transition to global voting

It is time to think like global citizens. Elon Musk realizes it. That is why he is investing in what he calls "the de facto public town square", which is how he describes the global talking platform that is Twitter. Says Musk: "having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to civilization". He has also said that, when it comes to politics, he favours the idea of a direct democracy, where people vote on issues, to traditional systems of government where we are required to pick one party or another. Vitalik Buterin, founder of Euretheum, is constantly studying ways to secure internet voting through encryption, whether blockchain or otherwise, and this will be needed one day. A 2017 study on people's opinions about democracy across the globe, the PEW research foundation found that 66% of people across different countries were open to the idea of 'direct democracy'. People have not yet moved en masse to thinking like global voters. But the transition is coming. It needs to come, because, despite all the arguments to the contrary, we all know that global regulation is the best way of securing our children's future. It is really now a question of determining the best processes for global governance. And just as we have this new need, there are new things falling into place. There is a convergence of many different things here. We see a growing recognition of the need for global collaboration on issues concerning all our future; an increasing interest in 'deliberative' democracy, where people vote on issues instead of people; and work being done on how to vote securely over the internet. There is a lot that we still need to understand. To help us to understand more, our using platforms where we can practice voting on issues that affect us all is a good start.
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